International experience, Italian passion

From product concept to packaging design

The journey that has led me to be a pioneer in packaging design in the beauty sector (and beyond) has been as much a path of personal growth as it has been professional. Through challenges and successes, I’ve learned that the true heart of a product lies not only in its intrinsic quality but also in the way it is presented to the world. Packaging is not merely a wrapper but a powerful narrative, capable of transforming an ordinary product into an extraordinary experience for the consumer.

Elena Scagliarini

With over a decade of international experience, my career in packaging design has been distinguished by a unique and innovative approach, especially in the beauty, pet, and spirits sectors. My professional journey has spanned various phases, from information technology and food projects to collaborations in fashion and television, enriching my vision and versatility.

The leap into the cosmetic sector marked a decisive turning point, shifting my focus to a deep understanding of the product and the vital importance of packaging. Through third-party production, I’ve honed my managerial and creative skills, learning to navigate logistical and production complexities. This experience has allowed me to view the product holistically, from conception to the final consumer.

My 360-degree vision and international experience allow me to offer my clients not just unique and captivating packaging design but also a comprehensive strategy that encompasses every aspect of the brand, from production to final presentation. In an increasingly digital market, the ability to differentiate becomes crucial. Working with me means investing in a brand identity that speaks directly to the hearts of your customers, building an emotional bond that goes far beyond the first purchase.

My work with prominent brands such as T.J. Maxx and JCPenney, along with the launch of exclusive lines like Royal Treatment, has highlighted the importance of standing out in a crowded market. The shift towards online sales has further reinforced my belief in the uniqueness of the user experience, guiding product launch strategies in a digital environment.

Today, my collaboration with Ubeauty synthesizes my professional trajectory, combining skills in packaging design and production to create products that not only stand out for their quality but also for their ability to tell compelling stories, resonating with consumers in an increasingly competitive global market.



Packaging Designer

Stand out with bespoke Packaging Design that combines luxury and innovation, perfect for brands aiming to dominate the shelf.

Corporate Identity

Develop a compelling Brand Identity that reflects your core values and engages your target audience.


Enhance your brand’s presence with strategic Visual Communication, using design to connect and convert.

Creative Strategy

Navigate the market with Creative Consulting tailored to your brand’s growth and innovation needs.

Product design

From the study of trends to the research of active ingredients and fragrances, to laboratory analysis and production assistance.

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